Volney, thereluctant warrior

Herbert Volney -
Herbert Volney -

THE EDITOR: Judge Herbert Volney was my friend. His passing has left a void in my heart.

We had big plans to change the face of Trinidad’s political scene and make a big splash with the Justice and Freedom Party, where we were set to pick our leader and other executives next May and appeal to the young voters and others who have been previously sidelined.

We were going to make Trinidad the paradise it should have always been.

His love for Trinidad made him leave the bench and enter politics. There were so many wrongs waiting to be righted, and he was just the man to do it.

He demurred when I approached him to get back into the political arena. He was happily retired, he said, and his family came first.

I want to apologise to his family for cajoling him to come back into the fray and make a difference. Judge, I said, our people need you. We need strong, fearless leaders who are not afraid to stand up and be counted. He eventually agreed.

I am sorry if our work together impacted your health, judge. My tears will not assuage my guilt. Words fail me in describing my sorrow. Please forgive me, my friend.

Rex Chookolingo



"Volney, thereluctant warrior"

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