Pothole on President's route

President Paula-Mae Weekes - AYANNA KINSALE
President Paula-Mae Weekes - AYANNA KINSALE

THE EDITOR: There are numerous potholes all over the country, but there is one that I cannot understand why it has not been attended to. It is at the Morne Coco Road junction with the Diego Martin Highway – at a traffic light.

Our President has to pass it every time she leaves her residence. It is directly in the left lane, leaving motorists no choice but to drive around it, risking a collision with oncoming vehicles.

Surely the President and her outriders know this pothole personally by now. Can her aide not report it to the relevant authority? After all, it’s on the President’s daily route.

Of course her vehicle and entourage need not go into it as traffic has to “give way” whenever she’s passing, but what about the rest of drivers?




"Pothole on President's route"

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