Lessons to be learnt from Qatar World Cup

A group of people dance at the Corniche during the World Cup in Doha, Qatar. AP Photo -
A group of people dance at the Corniche during the World Cup in Doha, Qatar. AP Photo -

THE EDITOR: The manner in which the small country of Qatar is managing the FIFA football World Cup is certainly remarkable and teaches us many salient lessons. Qatar is just about twice the size of TT and has a population of almost three million, many of whom are expatriates.

Many people expressed the view that Qatar was too small to manage such a large undertaking as hosting 31 other countries, which of course would include players, coaches, administrative staff, medical teams, caretakers, security and indeed the thousands of supporters. It is estimated that over one million foreigners have descended on Qatar for this prestigious event, which takes place every four years. It is certainly a huge undertaking.

However, so far the planning and execution of the event is superb and may even outclass many of the traditional hosts in the past. Lessons are to be learnt in the way the leaders of Qatar put their foot down and stuck to their principle that alcohol is forbidden to be sold or consumed in public and individuals, as well as large crowds, can still enjoy themselves even without the consumption of alcohol.

This may go against the local rhetoric that fun cannot be had if alcohol is not present. Qatar's leaders did not bow to pressure.

So, we are not seeing the usual drama with naked or half-naked spectators running onto the field, there are no fights among supporters, people are not throwing missiles on the field and there are no stampedes among the crowds. Qatar has set the example for others to follow in good planning, commitment, discipline and top-notch execution.

Maybe our little country could take a page out of the Qatari book and instead of teaching our children to "jump up and wine" for everything or "mash up the place and "cause bacchanal," we could teach them discipline, dedication and respect for their peers and those in authority.

This may be the solution to the school violence and indiscipline we are experiencing here. Who knows, the same may apply to the wider society in TT.




"Lessons to be learnt from Qatar World Cup"

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