Petit Bourg taxi driver shot dead by 'passenger'


A 38-year-old taxi driver from Petit Bourg was shot dead by a male passenger while working on Tuesday night.

Robert Cudjoe of Francis Avenue died on the spot on the Uriah Butler Highway in Charlieville.

He worked the Curepe/ Chaguanas route.

The police said at around 10. 45 pm, Cudjoe picked up four passengers – three men and a woman – from the Curepe taxi stand.

On the way, one of the men asked to be taken to Warren Road, and Cudjoe refused. Warren Road is off route.

There was a struggle, and Cudjoe was shot near the Warrenville walkover. His Nissan Serena swerved several times before coming to a halt in the median.

The men got out and ran, leaving the lone female in the front passenger seat. She was unhurt.

Cudjoe died in the driver’s seat, still wearing his seatbelt.

The police believe the motive was carjacking. Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) and Central Division police visited the scene and gathered evidence. They also searched for the men but did not find them.

W/Cpl Callender is leading investigations.


"Petit Bourg taxi driver shot dead by ‘passenger’"

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