Call THA elections now

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid

THE EDITOR: In a very well-crafted response, Chief Secretary Farley Augustine announced that members of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) have resigned from the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

Already, the brief dalliance should not come as a surprise. In less than a year we are witnesses to this ribaldry.

Though met with the collapse of this political structure, their occupancy is now under question. What does this do for the party’s existing membership on receiving this notice?

This is not what the people of Tobago voted for. There must be some semblance of order for representatives that were put into office. It should be that becoming independents and retaining their seats be seen as unacceptable.

Moreover, we must clamour for some formal judicial or other adjudicative process laid out under the relevant legislation to have this addressed soon. See this appeal for these deserving citizens of Tobago to exercise their democratic right to choose – call elections now.


Port of Spain


"Call THA elections now"

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