Brother of double murder victim: Killers trying to mislead police

MURDERED: Amar Randy Ramdass and Anita Jagdeo. -
MURDERED: Amar Randy Ramdass and Anita Jagdeo. -

He did not want to divulge much detail of his theory on the murder of his sister and her boyfriend, but Steffan Jagdeo believes certain items found at the crime scene may have been put there to mislead the police.

The bodies of Jagdeo's younger sister Anita Jagdeo, 27 and her fiance Amar Ramdass, 26, were found in a Nissan AD Wagon in a dirt track off Factory Road, Chaguanas, on Sunday morning.

Investigators said the couple were shot, as they found several spent shells.

Police also said a quantity of marijuana was found in the car.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Monday, the elder Jagdeo said he did not know his sister to be involved in anything illegal, and was suspicious about certain details of the crime scene which had been brought to his attention.

"This whole crime was orchestrated in such a way to throw the police off, but they (the police) are much smarter than that.

"There are certain things that I cannot disclose, but there are certain things the police will bring forward, and we will soon have results to solve this crime.

"For me personally, I'm just telling you, I know my sister, we born and grow up together and I'm her big brother. I would not get involved in anything illegal. If I see you doing something that is wrong, I will correct you. So all of that was planted."

Jagdeo was grateful for the compassion and conduct of police officers who visited the murder scene on Sunday. But he also hoped the authorities would deal with corrupt police officers.

"Yes, there are good police officers and there are rogue officers, who know they are. They help cover up crimes that someone else commits.

"We need a change, and we need a change now to help curb this crime right now."

Jagdeo also responded to social media users who raised suspicions over what the couple might have been involved in, as drugs were found in the car.

He also urged the public to show compassion and understanding to the families of murder victims, as such comments were harmful.

"I was just sitting inside Forensics here and reading the comments of these illiterate people who love to type stupidness on social media. They don't know the pain or what the family is going through.

"At the end of the day two lives are gone, not just one.

"It (crime) came to my home – we are accustomed seeing murders, robberies and all we can do is to pray and ask God to help these families. Now we are in a position like that, and we are only asking to show some remorse to us, please."

Jagdeo said his sister's murder was particularly heartbreaking as she was expected to marry Ramdass next year.


"Brother of double murder victim: Killers trying to mislead police"

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