Lawyers warned against touting on social media

File photo/Ayanna Kinsale
File photo/Ayanna Kinsale

THE Law Association (LATT) is warning lawyers about using social media to advertise, an act long frowned upon and prohibited.

Offending attorneys are likely to face consequences as the association intends to contact “offending attorneys” in the coming weeks to ensure members adhere to the code of ethics governing the legal profession.

In a statement issued on December 3, the association said it has been observing with great concern, the growing trend of attorneys engaging, whether by themselves or through partnerships with others, in conduct and/or actions which is tantamount to advertising and or touting.

It quoted the relevant section of the Legal Profession Act, which identifies restrictions against advertising and touting and possible offence of professional misconduct if found guilty.

The association said it has observed many instances of attorneys appearing on Facebook and Tik-Tok videos for the purposes of giving unsolicited advice on certain legal topics and thereby holding out themselves to be an authority in that area of law.

“Posting on social media content which is intended to attract business unfairly and which can be regarded as touting or advertising

“Engaging in partnerships (whether directly or indirectly) with real estate companies, banks and other institutions for the purposes of providing unsolicited advice on certain legal topics and thereby attempting to enhance the services of both entities

“Using their position as an attorney-at-law to advertise products and services of third parties and in some instances, to advertise other products, services, and interests of the attorney-at-law themselves.”


"Lawyers warned against touting on social media"

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