Why the sudden change, Arnold?

Stock image source: pxhere.com
Stock image source: pxhere.com

THE EDITOR: Arnold Gopeesingh recently called in a letter for citizens to “put away the hate, bitterness, malice, bad blood and spiteful behaviour” and replace them with “love, caring, compassion, empathy, tenderness, forgiveness and gentleness” (Express, 29/11/22).

Almost exactly one year ago, however, this same gentleman was writing that those who refused to take the covid19 jab “just do not care and are being selfish…The country is at the point where many of our citizens who don’t heed the call to vaccinate may have to feel” (Newsday, 21/11/21).

He also continually praised the police for arresting people who refused to wear a useless piece of cloth on their faces. Where was his compassion and empathy then?

So why this sudden call for tolerance and forgiveness? Could it be that the goodly Gopeesingh has not taken his covid19 booster within the past six months and, therefore, now counts himself among the unvaccinated?

I myself will not be forgiving the people who supported restrictions that did nothing except undermine our economy and human rights.


San Fernando


"Why the sudden change, Arnold?"

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