Car sticker stress from Licensing

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan - JEFF K MAYERS
Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan - JEFF K MAYERS

THE EDITOR: My car, a foreign-used Wingroad, was purchased in 2004. Since then I have dutifully had my vehicle inspected biannually as required by law and obtained my inspection sticker with no hitches. That’s 18 years of adherence.

With the looming expiry of my 2022 sticker I recently attempt to proceed.

Lo and behold I was met with an unlooked-for obstacle. I learnt that my vehicle's certified copy is not being recognised on the system and the instructions on the Ministry of Works and Transport website are confusing. Since October 22 there is no appointment system but a walk-in service offered instead. Application for a computerised certified copy can be filled in online but not sent.

One must visit any of four Licensing Office locations. Caroni is closed due to flooding. Port of Spain was closed till December 5. None of the many phone lines work. E-mail inquiries come back undelivered. The more than 130 queries on the website are answered, not by the Licensing staff but by nationals trying their best to spare their fellow citizens distress. As an aside, are we paying for those non-functioning phone lines?

Meanwhile, with imperial delight, it seems, Minister Rohan Sinanan announces that the moratorium expires on December 31.

I live in Toco. Rivers have been under threat of flood for several weeks. Water has not reached Toco villages in months and under his stewardship the roads and bridges have deteriorated spectacularly.

This situation is replicated in almost every one of my engagements with public institutions. It’s in large part responsible for deteriorating mental health and the trend towards violence in our country.

Steve Alvarez has steadfastly and consistently demonstrated how systems can be made to work to bring relief rather than harassment to our people, but something must indeed be amiss with us that we continue to elect those who seem hellbent on destroying us.

If anyone can simplify the problem for me, I would be most grateful.


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"Car sticker stress from Licensing"

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