TEMA urges caution on roads prone to landslip

TEMA director Allan Stewart  -
TEMA director Allan Stewart -

Drivers are being asked to be extremely careful on Tobago’s roads.

Speaking with Newsday on Monday, director of the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) Allan Stewart made the appeal for caution, "especially on the roadways that are prone to land slippage.

"There is a strong possibility that we can have slope failures and these failures can cause harm to the motoring public. People need to be very cautious.”

On Sunday there was a major landslide on the Windward Road with huge boulders being displaced.

Stewart said a couple of road blockages remain.

“What was more significant was the blockage on the Windward Road, between Speyside and Delaford. In the Bloody Bay area, we also had some blockage there as well.”

He said additionally, worsening depressions were seen in several areas in and around Scarborough, as well as on the Northside Road.

“The rainfall, as it continues, continues to bring with it landslides and the impact to residential properties is really, really terrible.”

“We really need some sunlight to kind of bring things back to some normalcy.”


"TEMA urges caution on roads prone to landslip"

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