Trinidadian motorcyclist held in Florida

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A Trinidadian man was placed on a US$22,500 bond last Friday after he was charged with possession of marijuana, reckless driving and fleeing with disregard to safety of people and property in the US.

Florida-based news outlet WFLA reported that Quincy Martin, 35, is accused of failing to pull over after he was tracked going over 115 mph in a 45 mph zone. The motorcyclist was said to have been illegally passing vehicles in the centre turn lane along US 1,the report said.

Police ordered him to stop but he failed to do so. A police officer who was on US 1 saw Martin whizzing by and recorded part of his licence plate number.

After stopping miles later, he told police he was late for a flight.

While searching him, they found marijuana in his backpack.


"Trinidadian motorcyclist held in Florida"

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