Suspected drowning in Barrackpore

Crime scene investigators at the scene of a murder - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers
Crime scene investigators at the scene of a murder - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

THE body of a Barrackpore labourer was fished out of a lagoon in the district on Wednesday evening.

Police suspect Siewdass Rampadath, 45, of Cunjal Road South, Barrackpore, may have drowned, but an autopsy will determine the cause of death.

Reports indicate that Rampadath’s cousin Paul Ramnath, of the same address, reported to the police that he had discovered the body of Siewdass also known as Anil, unresponsive in the lagoon.

Ramnath told the police Rampadath was last seen alive around 2 pm by children in the village, near the lagoon, 200 feet from his home. He said he was going fishing.

Around 6.30pm, Ramnath looked Rampadath and saw his body motionless under the water. Ramnath pulled him out, but he appeared to be lifeless.

The police were contacted and Sgt Mungroo, Sgt Charles and other officers went to the lagoon, where they saw Rampadath’s body, in brown short pants and black boots, lying face-up on the ground.He was bare-backed and there was froth on his lips. The body bore no marks of violence.

DMO Dr Santlal viewed the body and ordered its removal to the mortuary of the San Fernando General Hospital . An autopsy will be done at the Forensic Science Centre.

PC Nandoo processed the scene and PC Silochan is investigating.


"Suspected drowning in Barrackpore"

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