Pooran's resignation

Nicholas Pooran -
Nicholas Pooran -

THE EDITOR: Pooran has resigned as WI white-ball captain. I respect his decision. He is a big man and only he knew what he was going through.

Coach Simmons gone and now Pooran. What is the common factor? Both men are from TT.

Who is next on the agenda? If both men caused the WI concerns, then we should start to win now, as they have both departed as coach and captain. Would you agree?

Are we fielding our strongest WI team at present? Or are our better players mercenaries? Other countries have worked on their game and have figured out ours. We have been stagnant. Do we need foreign management?

In recent times, Lara, Ganga, Pooran left the captaincy post. All three are from TT.

Why? Does TT management leave a bitter taste in the mouth of WI cricket? Winning is not everything; it is the only thing.


Princes Town


"Pooran’s resignation"

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