Migrant students proud to take part in parang contest

 - Grevic Alvarado
- Grevic Alvarado


The migrant students of the Langdons Language Institute (LLI) are proud and grateful to have participated in the Junior Parang Competition held on November 19 at St Mary's College, Port of Spain.

In total 29 children of primary and secondary school age went on stage to show their talent.

LLI principal Susan Langdon said they are grateful to the National Parang Association (NPATT) for allowing them to be part of the event.

“It is a pride and satisfaction our migrant children can also be a part of TT's cultural activities,” said Langdon. “Since we started the school year in September we decided to participate in this event. We contacted NPATT and they gave us the approval. It is a very good thing for the migrant children and for the locals themselves because of the cultural interaction.”

The LLI primary group included 11 children: Nahomy Marcano, Antonella Vasquez, Ashley Velasquez, Daniela Salas, Camila Astudillo, Ana Camila Coronado, Aidany Rojas, Rudy Hurtado, Alexander Trujillo, Carlos Ruiz, and Diego Landaeta.

They were led by music teacher Eduardo Rivas. Their song The Humble Manger earned them second place in their category.

Marcano and Vásquez, both Venezuelans, were the group's solo singers. They also performed traditional Venezuelan Christmas songs: Mi Burrito Sabanero and Nino Lindo.

In the secondary school group, 18 students took the stage: Andrea Meza, Juliet Meza, Ziara Meza, Enmanuel Rondon, Isaias Capriata, Apryl Gomez, Dafne Salazar, Jesus Romero, Samuel Herrera, Yolianni Rivas, Genesis Yguanetti, Roimari Escobar, Valeria Leon, Michelle Urrieta, Luisdaniel Herrera, Barbara Zapata, Alejandra Parra and Jhoanny Luna, the latter a Dominican, who was the soloist.

They had the support of music teacher Amilcar Marin. They sang Let's Sing with Joy and Joy at Christmas, a song written by Eduardo Rivas himself.

Now, they are preparing for upcoming cultural and sporting events.


"Migrant students proud to take part in parang contest"

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