We must protect Jack

Jack Warner - Ayanna Kinsale
Jack Warner - Ayanna Kinsale

THE EDITOR: I have known Jack Warner for several years and count myself among those who have fervently spoken of his good deeds and valuable contribution to many lives.

I am a part of the public who feels very strongly that Mr Warner must be protected and allowed to stay in our country, far away from the trespass of a foreign court, especially given the circumstances of his case.

What have our people and our governance become, I have to ask myself. Do we have pride in ourselves? Why can’t our governance walk in the same shoes of the Barbados Prime Minister, who seems to be only person in the Caribbean with the fortitude and political will to tell it as it is to the mighty US and any other nation.

I am sure PM Mottley would stand by and defend her citizens outright from foreign invaders who feel they have the right of dominance over us as if colonialism was alive and well.

We claim to be independent, but are we really? Could America demand the extradition of a Chinese or Russian citizen? Many other countries have also refused to allow their citizens to be humiliated and handcuffed as a criminal to be tried in a foreign court, before facing trial in their own jurisdiction.

Mr Warner did not commit any crime in Trinidad and Tobago and based on what he has said, he had no bank account in the US either, nor did he commit any crime in the US, except that he did not declare some dollars in his pocket, as so many other citizens have done.

This is a triviality not deserving of the excruciating penance and persecution already doled out to him.

Citizens must tell the powers that be that they must stand up now for true freedom and principles of justice.

As far as I can see, our extradition law should apply only to other countries' citizens who are wanted for felonies committed in the country they belong to, and not the other way around.

The current law permits foreign jurisdictions to persecute Trinis on what could be trumped-up charges. This should never be allowed. The extradition law as I see it should be declared null and void.




"We must protect Jack"

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