Tobago welcomes back Condor flights from Germany

Secretary of Tourism and Culture Tashia Burris
Secretary of Tourism and Culture Tashia Burris

Condor Airlines returned to Tobago with direct flights from Germany from Sunday.

Speaking with Newsday on Monday, Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation Tashia Burris said she was proud to welcome the return of the airline.

“Very, very excited for the fact that we’re back on the German market in a big way.”

She added: “Condor landing yesterday means that hey, we’re welcoming passengers from the UK, passengers from Germany. Great news for Tobago, great news for tourism in general.”

She had this appeal to Tobagonians.

“Grasp all the opportunities that are available. Look at what are the business opportunities available in the sector. See how you can get involved.”

She said there are opportunities available.

“The THA has a number of grants available. There are a number of things available for persons who want to get involved in the tourism sector. I’ve been having discussions with the hotels; they are also looking for staff, so that there are jobs available as well. Don’t just depend on the THA to provide employment but the sector is now growing, its opening is available – THTI (Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute) is open, the opportunities are there." She encouraged people to take advantage of them.

She said the THA would also work hard, especially her division in its engagements with stakeholders.

“The port authority, Tobago Tourism Agency, the tour operators, the cruise agents – everybody who is involved in the tourism sector – the accommodation providers, ground transportation providers.”

She said everyone must come together.

“It is not just that the government has to do the work: there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and we’ll get more done together than if we’re apart and fighting. I just want to implore people that unity is strength. This is the time for us to be united, because the competition is really not among ourselves, but it is with other destinations, regionally and internationally.”


"Tobago welcomes back Condor flights from Germany"

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