Regiment-issued ammo used in 2 shootings in Point Fortin

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FOR the second time in as many days, an attempt was made on the life of Point Fortin safety officer Jameson Samuel on Monday night.

Over 130 bullets were fired at Samuel’s home on Sunday and Monday. One of his cousins was injured in Sunday morning’s shooting incident. Samuel escaped unhurt.

Some of the casings and ammunition recovered had the markings used on the arms of the TTR (Trinidad and Tobago Regiment).

Police are investigating how shell casings for the TTR, and for an Israeli Military Industries (IMI) weapon they said the Government once acquired for use by the protective services, found their way to the crime scene.

Over 73 spent shells were recovered from Monday’s shooting and 62 from Sunday's.

According to a report, around 2.30 am on Sunday, Jamir Greenidge, 34, of Fanny Village, Point Fortin, was asleep at the Techier Village home of Samuel, his cousin, when he was shot.

Greenidge was asleep on a mattress on the floor in the living room, and only later realised he had been shot in the buttocks.

Police were contacted and Greenidge was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital, where he was treated.

In the incident on Monday night, police reports said Samuel, 40, a safety officer also known as “Yankee,” was in the gallery of his home around 9.50 pm, when he saw two men dressed in grey hoodies approaching.

The men, who were armed with assault rifles, started shooting at Samuel, who ducked and ran inside his house.

He was not injured, but multiple bullet holes were left in his house and a neighbour’s house. The gunmen escaped in a white Toyota Corolla.

The Point Fortin police were notified and WPC Williams and PC Ramesar responded, along with the South Western Division Task Force (SWDTF).

Crime scene investigators found 73 spent 5.56 shell casings, nine spent 9mm shell casings, two live rounds of 9mm ammunition with the markings TTR, and 7 live rounds of 9mm ammunition.

On Sunday, police seized 62 spent 5.56 IMI shell casings, along with ten live rounds of 9mm ammunition and 14 spent 9mm ammunition shell casings, all with "TTR" engraved on them. They believe the IMI ammunition may have been old ammunition that is now being sold to criminals.

W/Sgt Johnson Brewster is investigating.


"Regiment-issued ammo used in 2 shootings in Point Fortin"

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