I weep for Jack Warner

Jack Warner
Jack Warner

THE EDITOR: Jack Warner has stated he has no bank accounts in the US and does not own property there. He also claims being wanted in that country on criminal charges relating to a FIFA transaction that took place in Trinidad, and for which no offence was committed here.

Warner was very vociferous against me when he served in the Persad-Bissessar Cabinet which wrongfully terminated me as chairman of the Police Service Commission.

The High Court ruled that the President’s action was illegal. Neither Jack Warner nor any of his Cabinet colleagues, up to this day, has apologised. So I hold no brief for Jack.

However, I have an idea of how international politics work and when you cross lines with the US and they wish to get you, they will – one way or the other. Jack was mistaken in thinking he was operating on a level playing field and FIFA was independent.

Selecting Qatar even in the face of direct lobbying by the present king of the United Kingdom, was too much for the West. Observe the so-called free press and its daily coverage at this time about Qatar’s suitability for hosting the World Cup finals.

Undoubtedly Jack was one of many targeted for prosecution/persecution in a bold effort to dismantle the FIFA hierarchy.

Today, do we as a sovereign people have to sit quietly and observe a national of no mean repute being slowly crushed into nothingness by a system that is so unjust and oppressive? This is very difficult to stomach.

A brother who travelled the steep and perilous road, as did so many third-world write-offs, he must know how it feels. As one black PNM colleague of mine used to say to me, “Another black man bites the dust.” I do not know Jack to be an angel, but I have always considered him a friend and brother.

He and I like many others know what we went through to become worthwhile citizens of our country. That’s why I feel the hurt.

Our Attorney General asserts that the rule of law has to take its course. None can disagree, but is this the way the law rules?

If Jack Warner took a bribe in Qatar or wherever, say Trinidad, why does the world policeman seek to get him at all costs? This is downright persecution, against which we should all protest or weep.


Former speaker of the House


"I weep for Jack Warner"

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