Senate President: Still good politicians out there

Christine Kangaloo -
Christine Kangaloo -

SENATE President Christine Kangaloo says despite continued public backlash against the profession, there are still honourable politicians out there.

She was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 11th Commonwealth Youth Parliament at the Red House on Monday morning.

Participants of the 11th Commonwealth Youth Parliament, stand at the Rotunda after the opening ceremony, Red House, Port of Spain on Monday, November 21. - Photo by Angelo Marcelle 

Quoting the Greek philosopher Aristotle, she said, the two noblest professions are teaching and politics.

"It is something to be regretted that while teaching appears to have maintained much of its esteem, parliamentary politics have not always done as well," Kangaloo said.

Because of this, she said, the youth parliament is happening at an "opportune juncture in parliamentary history.

"Today, perhaps more than at any other time, the Commonwealth and the world need to be reminded of the fundamental tenants of the parliamentary democratic process that once inspired Aristotle to muse so approvingly about politics.

"There needs to be a re-education about the essential nobility that lies at the heart of parliamentary participation."

She said there was no denying that some people and situations have led to parliamentarians getting their "fair share of criticism...

From left, Ahmad Alif Amri Bin Ahmad Kawazi of Malysia and Siti Jamilia Syuhada Binti Jailani of Malysia, Isaac Greetree and Marcella Mittins of Saint Helena, Gwion Dafydd Rhisiart of Wales and Amaris Skeete of Trinidad and Tobago at the opening ceremony for the 11th Commonwealth Youth Parliament, Red House, Port of Spain on Monday. - Photo by Angelo Marcelle

"But there's equally no denying that among the ranks of parliamentarians are honourable, hardworking and committed people who deserve far better than they have got in the way of the seemingly omnipresent public bashing that appears to have become so fashionable of late."

She urged current politicians to try learning from the 56 young people, between 18 and 29, set to participate in the youth parliament.


"Senate President: Still good politicians out there"

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