King Peter's Bay Hill residents welcome new road

Road works ongoing by the Division of Infrastructure at the King Peter's Bay Hill road in Moriah. -
Road works ongoing by the Division of Infrastructure at the King Peter's Bay Hill road in Moriah. -

Residents of King Peter’s Bay Hill in Moriah are happy for their new road.

On Wednesday, a press release from the THA Division of Quarries, Infrastructure and Urban Development said the dreams of the residents are well under way, saying, “What was 200 steep steps is now a concrete roadway which extends 400 metres throughout this remote and tranquil community.”

This upgrade, the release said, includes drainage, retaining structures and a turntable at the end of the road. It added that “by mid-December, residents will finally be able to drive their cars into their yards and have access to emergency services, some things they have been deprived of for ages.”

Over the years, residents have clamoured for the rehabilitation of the dilapidated road, as families wishing to access their properties had to walk a long flight of stairs.

One resident, Theophilus Wallace, said he is grateful.

“I didn’t believe we would have got road up here. I didn’t believe at all we would have get road to see car coming up.

"If you sick now, you could call the ambulance, they could come right there and take me up. Some say road cannot come up here. I glad for it and everybody up here glad for it, everybody.”

Hayden Kerr, a resident for over 50 years, said he knows the terrains from “track, to steps, to road.

“The steps were a serious challenge for some of the residents who living up here for most of their lives, because it not easy to walk on steps. We have material to take up the hill, you have foodstuff, you have grocery, you have load to go up this hill – it wasn’t easy.

“I welcome the road. I really, really happy that now we have road.”

Previously, area representative Ian Pollard told Newsday there are 192 steps leading to people's homes. He said there are about 50 people living in that area and this has been their only option for decades. He had been hoping the steps could be replaced by a road to allow vehicles access.


"King Peter’s Bay Hill residents welcome new road"

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