Princes Town couple assaulted in robbery attempt

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A couple from Princes Town were assaulted during an attempted robbery at their business place on Wednesday.

The couple, Zoria Baksh, 60, and Kamal Baksh, 68, the owner of Caps Bar, both from Hardbargain, have minor injuries after being held up by armed bandits around 6.20 pm on Wednesday.

Zoria, a housewife, was reportedly at home. The door was opened and she was accosted by two men who were dressed in dark-coloured clothing and wearing black masks.

One of the men had a gun and the other a black baton. They demanded money.

Zoria told the police the gunman held her down while the man with the baton struck her on the head.

She screamed, raising an alarm. Kamal, who was at the back of the house, called out to Zoria, and the thieves escaped through the back door.

As they fled, they encountered Kamal and also struck him on the bead before escaping on foot.

Officers from the Southern Division Task Force, Princes Town police, CID and municipal police made checks but were unable to find the men.

The couple were treated by EHS personnel for minor injuries.

PC Jugoon is continuing investigations.


"Princes Town couple assaulted in robbery attempt"

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