WASA: Repairs at Picton Booster Station to be completed Wednesday

File photo/Lincoln Holder
File photo/Lincoln Holder

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has said emergency repair work at Picton No 2 Booster Station, Picton Road Laventille, are expected to be completed on Wednesday.

A WASA media release on Wednesday said a defective pump led to a disruption in supply to some of its customers.

Areas affected include:

Upper Belmont and environs, Mendez Drive, Layan Hill

Areas served by the Gonzales Booster Station

Beverly Hills and environs (areas served by Laventille Reservoir)

St Paul Street and environs

Hermitage Road and environs

Lower Laventille Road and environs (areas served by Picton 1 Reservoir)

Bowen Trace

Upper St Barb's Road

Upper Chinatown

Upper St Francois Valley Road

Upper Laventille

Soogrim Trace

Fatima Trace

Block 22


"WASA: Repairs at Picton Booster Station to be completed Wednesday"

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