Reggaeton Fully Loaded comes to Trinidad and Tobago

The Venezuelan Criollo House musical group - Grevic Alvarado
The Venezuelan Criollo House musical group - Grevic Alvarado


HSLeventsTT and Hideout Signs Ltd will host one of the biggest music events of the last three years: Reggaeton Fully Loaded on November 20.

It will be a mix of Trinidad and Tobago and Latin cultures in the Queen's Park Savannah from 5 pm-1.30 am.

Musa Rahaman, director of the organising company told Newsday the singers at this event are headliners who tour and headline events around the world.

"Our main act Ryan Castro is Colombian from the city of Medellin, he loves dancehall and his music reflects that as he has a dancehall sound. He recently performed at the MTV Music Awards," Rahaman said.

TT artistes scheduled to perform are Patrice Roberts, Yung Bredda, Mr Renzo and G Fatura Mundial.

Neutro-Shorty and Big-Soto - Grevic Alvarado

From Venezuela will come the singers Big Soto and Criollo House, much loved in their country. In addition, one of the Venezuelan artists with the greatest projection among young Venezuelans, Neutro Shorty, is in the lineup.

"Words cannot explain how Venezuelans love this man. I am literally blown away by the response to this," he said.

Rahaman said it is the largest Latino crossover event in the English-speaking Caribbean.

“It's not just a concert, it's a show, it's an experience, it's more than just singers. We are trying to mix the cultures to create a cultural fusion day. We have moko jumbies in the colours of Colombia and Venezuela and obviously moko jumbies in Trinidad colours as well. Jab jab and fire eaters in traditional and Latin colours,” Rahaman said.

He said Keishaun Julien will play soca and Latin music on pan.

Patrice Roberts will perform at Reggaeton Fully Loaded on November 20 at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. - David Reid

“We want to connect the two cultures. The Latino community is a huge part of our country and they are present at everything from parties to Divali celebrations. So we decided to do an event to cater to a larger Latino crowd as well as Trinidadians.

"This is a great event like no other. This is a turning point in the entertainment industry. We have to start taking the Latino population into account when we do events because it is a large community and they are at every event. I think that after this we would start to see more events like this. More mixed events. Maybe not on this scale, but I see the industry changing."

Rahaman said the event venue will be designed so that all attendees can enjoy each artist.

"While planning the event I was wondering if I should do VIP and general or not. I'm not a big fan of putting people in the back just because they paid less. There are a lot of people who can't spend money on a VIP ticket, but want to get a chance to see their favourite singer up close," he said.

With this idea, he will expand the stage with a 48-foot catwalk in the centre dividing the concert in half. VIP on one side general on the other. So you can pay $300 for a general ticket and still be in front of the stage. The only difference in VIP is the free drinks. We also have tables and cabanas available. In general, one buys what he wants," he said.

Tickets are available from all committee members, Hideout Signs Ltd.

"Security is a priority. We will have private security and police on site," Rahaman said.


"Reggaeton Fully Loaded comes to Trinidad and Tobago"

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