Judge sentences man guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping

Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds.
Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds.

KESTON “Chucky” Allen has a little under a decade again to serve on his multiple prison sentences for the murder of a teenager, her rape, the sexual assault of her cousin, both of whom he shot, and the kidnapping and robbery of a Curepe taxi driver which took place in 2008.

He was sentenced by Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds on Wednesday.

Allen, who was initially on over a dozen indictments for murdering and raping a 19-year-old girl, sexually assaulting her cousin, kidnapping and robbing them and robbing and false imprisonment of a Curepe taxi driver, pleaded guilty to ten counts of felony murder, false imprisonment, robbery with aggravation, grievous sexual assault, larceny of a car and rape in July.

The judge broke down each sentence she imposed for each charge. They will run concurrently and some of them have already been considered served as he has spent a little over 13 years in prison while for others that time exceeded the sentences he received.

He was also ordered to go to the Barataria police station seven days after he leaves prison in nine years, four months and 13 days to register as a sex offender. Allen will have to report to the station for ten years, six times a year or once every two months. His information will also be published on the public sex offender website by the Commissioner of Police.

Allen, who got married five years ago while in prison, was told by the judge when he leaves prison, it will be with a number of convictions against him.

“Once you are released and discharged, steer clear of the criminal justice system,” she warned, as she also told him there will be consequences if he fails to report to the police as required.

“Leaving with convictions of this nature, if you are to find yourself in trouble, it will read very poorly.” She warned him not to subject anyone else to the grief he subjected to the two cousins and the taxi driver more than a decade ago.

“Don’t take away from anybody else.”

Before going through the mathematical calculations of each of his sentences, the judge outlined the factors she found to be aggravating.

She said what began as a robbery of the taxi driver developed into the robbery and kidnapping of the two women, their unlawful detention, their sexual degradation and assault and the forcing of the male victim to perform criminal sexual acts on them.

One of the cousins, 22, was shot six times in the ordeal and managed to survive while her cousin was also shot six times, but died at hospital five hours after they were found by police.

“The pain and suffering involved. They were left for dead.”

She also found aggravating that the women were both on their menstrual cycles when one was raped and the other sexually assaulted.

“The deceased was told she was a waste of time after she was raped. She pleaded for her life… dragged from the road by her hair.

There were not many mitigating factors, Ramsumair-Hinds admitted as Allen, she said, had a “director role” in the escalation of the crime.

“It was he who exited the vehicle and robbed the women. It was he who pulled her by her hair and asked them if they had children. It was he who said ‘I could do with something tonight’ and started the sexual assault. It was he who directed the male victim to perform the sexual acts on the female victims.”

She also admitted she was troubled by his suggestion he was genuinely remorseful.

“That troubled me. He is still saying, at this age, he was influenced by peers and friends yet it was he who directed the offences.” Allen was 20 at the time of the offences.

“That he embraced his wrongdoing, I took with a pinch of salt.”

However, she said his willingness to enter the plea bargain process and agree to heavy sentence recommendations was to his credit.

Allen entered plea discussions with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and on June 22, it was agreed he would plead guilty to 11 counts and will be discharged of the others.

Allen committed the offences on October 19, 2008.

He and two accomplices, a man and a woman, pretended to be passengers as they boarded the taxi driver’s car after a party in St Augustine.

After approximately 15 minutes, Allen forced the driver to stop next to two women who were walking on the road. The women were then robbed of their cellphones and were forced to enter the taxi.

The driver was then forced to drive to an abandoned house in Mt Lambert.

At the house, the teenager was raped, and her 22-year-old cousin, who had her period, was sexually assaulted.

One of the women was forced to perform oral sex on the taxi driver. As they were leaving the house, the taxi driver managed to run away.

Allen and his accomplices attempted to find him but were unsuccessful and left in his car.

However, they were forced to abandon the car in Champ Fleurs as he were unable to properly drive the vehicle as it had a manual transmission.

The cousins were shot and when police eventually found the car, the teenager had already succumbed to her injuries. Her older cousin was taken to hospital and survived.

Allen was arrested and charged after he was identified by her and the taxi driver.

The State was represented by assistant DPP Danielle Thompson. His attorney was public defender Michelle Gonzalez.


"Judge sentences man guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping"

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