6 covid deaths recorded in last week

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

THE Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday 145 new covid19 infections and six deaths between November 9 - 15.

In the previous seven-day period, there were 95 new cases and two deaths.

The seven-day average of new cases this week is 21 and the seven-day average of covid-related deaths is one.

Last week, the averages were 14 new cases and fewer than one death per day.

Active cases now stand at 187, down 44 from 231 a week ago. There are 22 patients in hospital, down from 27.

Last month, there were over 3,000 active cases, and in September, over 5,000.

The total number of covid deaths stands at 4,263.

Since the national vaccination programme began over a year ago, 717,897 people have been fully vaccinated, that is, an additional 42 over the past week.

So far, 169,172 people have had a booster shot – 41 more than last week. The percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated remained at 51.3 per cent for a fourth week.


"6 covid deaths recorded in last week"

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