Total lunar eclipse partly visible from Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday morning

Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

The small hours of November 8 will offer the last chance to see a total lunar eclipse before 2025.

The last total lunar eclipse took place on May 15.

The full moon will turn blood-red as it moves behind the earth and passes through its shadow.

This eclipse is called the Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, as it will occur during November’s Full Beaver Moon.

A Full Beaver Moon is the time of year when, in North America, beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead. It is also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.

The phase as seen from Trinidad and Tobago will start at 4.02 am with a penumbral eclipse when the earth’s penumbra (partial shadow) starts to touch the moon’s face.

At 5.09 am a partial eclipse begins, when the moon will start to turn that brilliant red colour.

Then, at 5.54 am the maximum eclipse will occur. At this time the eclipse will reach its greatest magnitude while the moon is above the horizon.

Finally, at 5,58 am comes the moonset phase. The moon will become so dim before setting that it may disappear for some time from view – this will be a mixture of a very low moon and a total eclipse.

This eclipse will last a total of an hour and 56 minutes.

Unfortunately, those in TT will only be able to see a partial eclipse, as the moon will be below the horizon at the maximum point of the eclipse.

For the best view of the eclipse, to the west-northwest, it is recommended that you go to a high point or an unobstructed area.

The total lunar eclipse will be visible across North America, Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

To view the directions and altitudes for each phase visit www.timeanddate. You can also watch the total lunar eclipse on for free, courtesy of several webcasts from observatories across the US.


"Total lunar eclipse partly visible from Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday morning"

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