Outgoing basketball boss Celestine confident of 2023 season

Kerry Celestine (right), teaches shooting skills at Bishop's High School.
Kerry Celestine (right), teaches shooting skills at Bishop's High School.


MOST OF the popular outdoor sports in Tobago, such as cricket, football, netball, tennis and athletics, has seen some level of organised competition at the school or community level, since the easing of covid19 restrictions, except for basketball.

According to outgoing president of the Tobago Basketball League, Kerry Celestine, that status is about to change.

He said, “Secondary schools basketball is set to resume in January. Five of the eight Tobago secondary schools - Mason Hall, Bishops, Signal Hill, Scarborough Sec and Goodwood - have already confirmed their participation, and are in active training with huge numbers.”

While female participation has been virtually non-existent over the years, Celestine is positive a female division will be held in 2023.

He highlighted the female non-participation, using the 2019 tournament as an example.

“It has been a struggle over the years to facilitate a female league, the last time a completed league was held in 2019. The competition featured Under-15, Under-17 (and) Under-20 male divisions, which were all won by Bishop's, and no female league.”

Celestine added, “Fortunately Bishop's, Mason Hall and Signal Hill presently have a female training programme, in preparation for the (forthcoming) season.”

Celestine will not be eligible to seek re-election in the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). He said, “The constitution states that all executive members must be employees of the Ministry of Education, and I am no longer employed in that capacity."

A date for the Tobago Zone AGM was due to be confirmed after the national AGM on Thursday.

The situation is grim within the community basketball fraternity. The once vibrant Tobago Basketball Association, is currently without a functioning executive.

Former president Strisand Murray said, “I have not been the president for more than three years, and I have no idea what is happening now.”

Responses from basketball enthusiasts indicated that the sport is in a bad state on the island.

One source who wish to remain anonymous said, “We currently have no one to take up the mantle to form an executive. The teams are still around, is just to call a meeting and move forward.

“But people who can make things happen, when they are approached, they are saying that they don’t have the time. So in the meantime nothing positive is happening.”


"Outgoing basketball boss Celestine confident of 2023 season"

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