Hinds: 1,123 CCTV cameras operational

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. File photo/Angelo Marcelle
National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. File photo/Angelo Marcelle

NATIONAL Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said a total of 1,123 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are working in TT. He made this disclosure in response to a question in the House of Representatives from Naparima MP Rodney Charles.

Hinds said, as of October 10, there were 1,796 CCTV cameras in use. Of this number 1,123 are fully functional while 673 are non-functional.

He added that within the latter figure, there are 365 which function in limited capacities.

Hinds said the cameras experience challenges ranging from adverse weather conditions to people shooting at them with firearms.

He told MPs the ministry is in the process of expanding the CCTV network "in order to improve efficiencies and crime management."

Hinds was optimistic that this process could be completed within one year's time.

Responding to another question later in the sitting from Caroni East MP Dr Rishad Seecharan, Hinds said the police are stepping up efforts to deal with crime in Kelly Village which has been identified by them as a crime hot spot.


"Hinds: 1,123 CCTV cameras operational"

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