[UPDATED] Met Office extends yellow-level alert to Saturday

Photo courtesy the TT Meteorological Office
Photo courtesy the TT Meteorological Office

The Meteorological Service (Met Office) has extended its  yellow-level adverse weather alert to end on Saturday.

A statement on Tuesday morning said the warning had been in effect from 9 am and was originally reported to end in the evening at 5 pm.

However a follow-up statement issued at 3.06 pm said periods of rain and/or showers of varying intensity are expected, with an increase from 70 per cent to 80 per cent chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms that can produce intense rainfall in excess of 50 millimetres – 25 millimetres more than what was previously forecasted.

The statement said gusty winds in excess of 55 kilometres/hour are expected, especially near heavy showers or thunderstorms.

Street or flash flooding and localised ponding are also likely in heavy downpours. Landslides or landslips are also possible in areas prone to them.

The Met Office advised the public to not wade or drive through flood waters and to monitor weather conditions and official updates at: www.metoffice.gov.tt; www.odpm.gov.tt


"[UPDATED] Met Office extends yellow-level alert to Saturday"

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