Ag Commissioner: Police ensuring safe Divali celebrations

Acting CoP Mc Donald Jacob.
Acting CoP Mc Donald Jacob.

Acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob is seeking to assure the public that the police service is prepared to maintain law and order in the season of light.

In a statement on Sunday in which he wished the Hindu community a happy Divali, Jacob lamented there are still those who are bent on pursuing darkness.

The statement came just hours after four people, including a three-year-old child and a woman, were killed in a drive-by shooting in Diego Martin. Two other men were shot dead in separate incidents at Diamond Village, near San Fernando, and Bel Eau Road, Belmont.

Jacob said the community spirit and togetherness shown during Divali is the embodiment of what is good about this cosmopolitan country.

“After two years of somewhat muted Divali celebrations, the

lifting of covid restrictions is symbolic, as it holds great meaning and

significance. The darkness that covid brought is on the decline,

allowing members of the Hindu community to truly celebrate the victory

of light over darkness.”

He said the service is ready with “our police lights” and will be highly visible, as divisional commanders have been tasked to heighten patrols to act as a deterrent to criminals.

“While it is impossible to be everywhere all the time, we have been using the Active Direct Patrol Grid system, which has been

quite successful in apprehending suspects and the seizure of narcotics

and illegal firearms.

“This weekend we have applied our intelligence data

to guide specific strategies which are being implemented to mitigate

criminal activity throughout the country.”

He said the police will use its lawful authority to ensure light prevails over darkness.


"Ag Commissioner: Police ensuring safe Divali celebrations"

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