All those price hikes hurting people

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert. File photo/Sureash Cholai
Minister of Finance Colm Imbert. File photo/Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: The announcement by the Minister of Finance that gas prices will be increased has caused an uproar. This is now the sixth time, according to media reports, that the minister has done this – and smiling and laughing while doing it.

The minister is justifying the increases to the rise in oil prices. Now this is confusing as TT is an oil-producing country, so I do not understand the rational of the Government. Maybe someone can tell me as this is baffling, even to people in the energy sector.

This has to be a literal slap in the face of the people of TT. What the minister failed to tell the nation is the domino effect that the raising of gas prices will have. The increases will cause everything to go up. Food prices will be the first to be affected as transportation costs for goods and services will rise and the people will feel the pain.

Taxi fares will increase as drivers will have to pay more at the pump. So more pain for the people. In fact it has already begun as a few taxi associations are announcing increased fares.

Our nation has been hit with the new gas pain, therefore it’s time the people speak out. The Opposition took a stand earlier this year and had its supporters at 30 different areas to demonstrate their freedom of speech under the Constitution.

So, it is time the nation stands with the opposition and tells the Government enough is enough. The many price increases are hurting people – from gas to food, even the increase in crime. What more is come?

Take a stand, people, and demand that the Government calls an election now.


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"All those price hikes hurting people"

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