PM accuses Opposition of inciting anarchy

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

THE Prime Minister has said while his government has received criticism over budgetary allocations, no one in the Opposition has recommended any practical suggestions over what should be done.

Speaking in the budget debate on Tuesday afternoon, Dr Rowley said while different ministries and departments of government requested more money than was allocated during the budget, it was necessary to ensure an even distribution of funds.

Rowley said the final estimates suggested the country's budget for 2023 was $56.2 billion, adding that if all the requests of different ministries were fulfilled, the government would have had to spend $76 billion.

Noting the difficulties in managing the interests of all sectors, Rowley said the Opposition did not offer any meaningful advice on how the funds should be disbursed. He also accused the UNC of inciting resentment towards government.

Referring to his attendance at Angostura's Patriartism event at Mille Fleurs last week, Rowley said contrary to a media release issued by Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the event was not paid for by taxpayers.

"If this is what the Opposition Leader has to resort to, to try and get the political support, trying to incite the country, trying to say that they are provoked and they must act, and trying to dog-whistle for riot and anarchy and talking about tyrant and dictator.

"All I did was to accept an invitation to a function hosted by and funded by Angostura. As far as I know, Angostura is not the government or taxpayers' money.

"I was simply an invitee to the function and that is what caused this hateful release from the UNC and you should be ashamed of your useless selves!
"What they are trying to do is not provide alternatives and engage the substance of the realities in this country, but engaging in dog-whistling to incite anarchy and incite people to believe they have been wronged by the government."

Despite this, he said he was confident the majority of the public would not be misled by the Opposition's strategy.

He also said while the UNC was crying over the rise in the price of fuel as government caps the fuel subsidy at $1 billion, it was in fact a former UNC finance minister, Larry Howai, who in 2012, put the country on notice that most of the fuel subsidy would have to be taken out of the equation.

"But they come here in 2020, trying to incite violence over the fuel prices," he said.


"PM accuses Opposition of inciting anarchy"

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