Maraval man held over police fuel scam


POLICE are investigating the possible theft of three police-issued fleet cards that were used to fill several kegs with fuel, along with three vehicles, in Maraval on Monday.

A 27-year-old Maraval man was held and is assisting police with their investigations.

Police reported that at about midday on October 3, a white Hyundai Tucson pulled up at a pump at Petro Mart, Maraval and the driver used a card to fill the tank. The vehicle stayed at the pump for at least an hour, the report said, as the driver filled several kegs with fuel and three other vehicles: a Nissan Tiida, a Nissan Almera and a Totoya NZE.

After noticing how long the Tucson had been at the pump, the gas station attendants called the police.

When their records were checked, it was found three police fleet cards had been used. Police said $2,000 worth of fuel was taken.

Fleet cards are used to pay for fuel for official police vehicles and are issued by the management units of each division or units which have assigned police vehicles.

Police sources said a fleet card was reported missing earlier this year that was linked to a specialised unit based in Port of Spain and believe it was one of the cards used.

The Tucson was found abandoned in Diego Martin at about 3 pm with 13 kegs of fuel hidden in some nearby bushes.

Further investigations were done, involving members of the Western Division Gang Unit. The Maraval man, who was driving the Toyota NZE, was arrested and told police his cousin had told him of a man who could fill his tank for $200.

WPC Douglas of the Maraval CID is continuing investigations.


"Maraval man held over police fuel scam"

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