An early general election for whom?

THE EDITOR: I can speak only for myself, but asking to bring forward the 2025 general election will not work. Bring it forward for whom? The United National Congress is fumbling around politically barefooted. Who has the wherewithal at this point in time to instantly recalibrate TT? Definitely none of the small third parties.

The UNC cannot win enough seats without a coalition. Too many people are hoping to be prime minister of TT. Never have we had so many aspirants salivating over what the naysayers call a failed state. Failure in the eyes of whom? It is the remit of all political contenders to find fault. Everything the PNM does is labelled as ineptitude or called a sin. Comes with the territory. Just loose talk from the people in the cheap seats.

The low-hanging political fruit in TT is the rampant crime. However, there is no evidence to prove that the past laurels hung on any previous holder of the commissioner of police post will make any difference. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week.

The citizens of TT must wake up and smell the bullet-laced political coffee.

Some citizens are toting both physical and mental guns. We are all involved in perpetuating the surge in crime. We have to become part of the solution. See something, say something.

My personal, unsolicited view is that even the criminal element must stop killing each other. Everybody has a mammy and a daddy who do not want to see their children dead.

Let us not mince political words. The PNM, come hell or high water, is the only political party capable of standing on its own two feet in 2022.

There will be nothing to fight over without the PNM. Just bring it on.


Diego Martin


"An early general election for whom?"

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