Peters Family launches Heirloom V

Shawn Peters - Midnight Child (Identity Resistance)
Shawn Peters - Midnight Child (Identity Resistance)

Horizons Art Gallery will host the Peters family as they present Heirloom V, their latest joint exhibition. Featuring colourful works in acrylic and mahogany by Shawn Peters, delicate yet vibrant watercolours by Nerine Peters, and Sherlann Peters’ dynamic clay sculptures.

Born into an artistic family, siblings Shawn and Sherlann would watch their father sculpt while they conversed. Shawn developed a love for wood sculpture and painting, while Sherlann found her creative outlet in clay. Fast-forward some years, and Shawn married Nerine Peters, (no family, they checked). Nerine is an art teacher and watercolourist, and the Peters artistic legacy expanded. Although they have very different styles and mediums, all three artists’ work reflects a definite community awareness.

Shawn Peters - This Old Man from Ohioho 

Shawn produces bright, complex paintings, often merged with wooden sculptural elements. Shawn’s artistic journey in three-dimensional, realistic wood sculpture, over time slowly morphed into what it is today; the reason he refers to himself as a sculptor who paints. Shawn views composing a painting as a conversation, each medium with its own distinct voice that contributes in its own unique way. Therefore, while working with the wood only, eventually the conversation seemed to lack coherence. When the voice of colour was added, this brought a new understanding of the work, for the conversation became clearer when other voices were introduced.

Sherlann Peters - Moko 

Nerine is a devoted art teacher who enjoys explorations in watercolour. She particularly focuses on old buildings, finding beauty in the unlovely. Nerine’s view is that these crumbling structures served a function, perhaps were or are homes for families, and they retain the memory of all the stories that took place within their walls. This sense of community fuels her work.

Sherlann creates figurative sculpture, peopled with charming characters familiar from daily life. A strong sense of family and tradition is integral to her approach to clay. Sherlann’s creations draw from social and cultural issues, Caribbean folklore and the yesteryear world of her parents and grandparents. It’s important to her that this history be available to her children, who are being raised in a culture of computer games and entertainment that make no demands on their imagination. Sherlann is very rooted in her chosen medium. “Clay is the key to my core – my secret universe – where I articulate my world…. for the world through my eyes is made of clay, ” she said.

Nerine Peters - Queen's Park Savannah East (Demolished) 

The opening night of the exhibition can be attended in person or virtually on October 4. The online show will be broadcast live with the artists in attendance, so viewers are encouraged to interact and join the chat. Those wishing to attend the virtual opening can do so at 5.30 pm via the link:

Nerine Peters - Queen's Park Savannah East (Demolished) 

Art lovers may alternatively attend the opening in person from 6.30-8 pm at the gallery, 37, Mucurapo Road, St James.

The exhibition can also be viewed in the gallery until October 15 from 8.30 am-5 pm Mondays to Fridays, and 9 am-1 pm on Saturdays.

For further info call 628-9769.


"Peters Family launches Heirloom V"

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