Hey, please don’t riot

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - AYANNA KINSALE
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - AYANNA KINSALE

THE EDITOR: So said, so done. Listening to the budget presentation felt like a scene straight out of a movie. You know, when the government is announcing an asteroid is on its way to Earth and alerts the people about how many days till impact – and to not panic.

Wouldn’t work-from-home policies help save gas and reduce traffic? Citizens and the TT diaspora still have old $100 bills, we could convert those. Let’s have a national football league, which has a lot of money in it. Go after the arrears of errant HDC homeowners in voter-padded areas, ease up the other half of the population. Great idea, chief, we could put the homeless in the big complex going up on Tranquillity Street.

Trinidadians/Tobagonians aren’t soft, we are scared. Trinidadians/Tobagonians are afraid of Keith Rowley. We won’t feel the impact of this budget just yet. But one thing’s for sure: TT has not reached its boiling point. It is in our culture to gyrate and bend over.

Give it nine days, it will blow off, then it’s back to a new normal. Have an election every day and we’ll vote for the PNM every time. On a serious note, please don’t riot, eh.




"Hey, please don’t riot"

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