Can’t retract the spoken word, Morris

Kelvon Morris. File photo/Jeff K Mayers
Kelvon Morris. File photo/Jeff K Mayers

THE EDITOR: There is an old saying that you cannot retract the spoken word, and if anyone knows it, it’s a Tobagonian. As such, I am gratified that Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Minority Leader Kelvon Morris was called to account for his stupefying nomination of Watson Duke as deputy chief secretary of the THA.

In my mind, he should have been disciplined by the Tobago PNM and, thereafter, he would have the opportunity to apologise profusely, profoundly and prolifically. What appalling nonsense. Morris is alone and has only one vote, and even if the presiding officer allowed the nomination, it was bound to fail by at least ten votes, but Morris thought he was being astute to utter his unpardonable garbage.

He thought he would escape by saying he was trying to make mischief and so "mammy" Tobagonians (please don't beat me – politically – as I will never do it again). How Ancil Dennis must be hopping mad on one foot when he considers that this is the political material he has to deal with. It’s even worse than Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

Anywhere you turn, there is Morris apologising – Tobago Today (30 minutes of apology), Radio 95.5 (more than one hour), then in the print media. God help us.

Alas, it was a wonderful example to show political maturity and demonstrate that he is above commess when it comes to, first, working with the administration in power in good faith, as the election is over and, secondly, lifting the profile of the wounded PNM as a party on the way back. But all he could utter was that foolishness – and then say, "Well I was trying to make mischief."

Morris, you cannot retract the spoken word; you have blown it.


St James


"Can’t retract the spoken word, Morris"

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