Good people must volunteer to save TT

THE EDITOR: A few days ago, while on my way home driving along Panka Street in St James, I came across a young girl walking her dog along a lonely section of the street. I wanted to stop my car and tell her to quickly get home and not walk alone in that area as someone from the nearby cemetery can easily ambush her. Then it dawned on me that even a simple act as walking one’s dog is now risky behaviour.

I think about the little boy who almost lost his eyes from a shooting incident and will now have a permanent scar for life and emotional trauma for many years simply because he decided to accompany his relatives to the pharmacy.

What has become of TT? Basic normal activities like going for a walk, arriving home after a movie, closing one’s gate, exiting one’s car, and relaxing at home have all descended into the realm of risky and dangerous.

My heart cries out for our country. How is it that the people now rejoice when there is water in their pipelines for a short period? Shouldn’t that be normal in a small country of less than 1.5 million people and a budget that borders around US$8 billion annually? Almost every day citizens are reported to be protesting for basic services like road and bridge repairs.

Citizens in many areas are traumatised every time there is a prediction of bad weather as they fear they may lose their possessions or crops due to flooding as a direct result of poor drainage. One must be a rock to not feel the pain of a people desperately seeking the right to live a life of peace where they can raise their families with the hope of better tomorrows.

Many quickly point to other countries with similar or worse problems like Haiti, Venezuela and some Caribbean and Central American countries. But that is not a fair evaluation.

On my way to work I was greeted by a young man on the way to school. He politely said good morning and moved on. There are many taxi and PH drivers who transport families daily to and from their homes safely and with courtesy. There are many farmers who provide the nation with fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Many teachers and public servants give of their best daily despite the poor salaries and working conditions. At the recent cricket games in Port of Spain and Tarouba hundreds of citizens shared the same space in love and harmony.

TT is unique. Blessed with more than enough wealth. With a wonderful loving population and an educated class of people. There is more than enough resources and personnel to fix everything. What is required is the political will to vote outside race and to encourage people of integrity to join in rescuing the nation.


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"Good people must volunteer to save TT"

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