Relatives of missing Freeport woman cling to hope

Marissa Edwards
Marissa Edwards

Despite growing concern, relatives of missing mother Marissa Edwards remain hopeful that she will be found alive.

Speaking with Newsday on Friday, one of Edwards’ siblings said the family’s hope is between ten and 20 per cent and that is enough to hold on to.

“We are hoping for the best. Hopefully she is alive somewhere in a house. There is the fear that she could be dead. No one wants to accept that, but the evidence is pointing to that.”

Edwards, an administrative clerk at the UWI’s Faculty of Medicine, left home at John Eli Road, Freeport on Sunday night after telling relatives she was going out with someone well known to her for drinks. At the time she was wearing a black and purple dress, black sandals and black clutch purse.

Her cellphone was tracked and last signalled from a gas station around 4 am on Monday. The vehicle belonging to the person she went to have drinks with was found abandoned in Tabaquite, which led both police and the Hunters Association to search the surrounding area for her twice in five days.

Relatives said they have had no contact with the owner of the vehicle since Monday, as the person’s cellphone has been off since then. They also searched a piece of land in Freeport and Waterloo as they tracked various places where her cellphone was tracked.

Edwards’ co-workers said they are worried about her disappearance. They too are hopeful that she is safe, adding that her not showing up for work was alarming to everyone.

Relatives said they are grateful for the support they have received from police since reporting her disappearance.

“The police are really helping and doing a great job of updating us and searching with us” a relative said.

While the family is hopeful, they are bracing for the worst.

“Until we get that reality check, we have hope. Every night at our home come like is a wake we are having, and it is really torture for the family.”

Relatives said only prayers have kept them stable as they chase every lead they get. The 39-year-old mother of one is her parents' first daughter and sixth of their 11 children.

They are pleading with anyone who may be holding her against her will to release her. Their message to her was that she is loved, missed and they want her back.

Anyone with information about Edwards’ whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police station or call 555 or 800-TIPS.


"Relatives of missing Freeport woman cling to hope"

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