A much better reason, acting CoP

Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob - JEFF K MAYERS
Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob - JEFF K MAYERS

THE EDITOR: A September 15 press release from the corporate communications unit of the police service stated that applications for certificates of character cannot be facilitated at this time due to technical difficulties; and which it appears has been happening for the past several months.

Now certificates of character are essential for many people for various reasons and this surely has many going from pillar to post as to what to do. One would think there are technical people in the country who can fix this situation within days, be it printers not working or a shortage of ink or paper.

What no doubt will be quite worrying to the public also is, according to the communication unit’s release, the disruption will affect people trying to obtain certificates in the near future.

Imagine in the 21st century a citizen cannot get a certificate of character from the police.

Come on, Mr Acting Commissioner of Police, please tell us the "real reason" why these certificates cannot be obtained.


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"A much better reason, acting CoP"

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