Members postpone approval of audited statements at TTFA AGM

Eastern Football Association president Kieron Edwards -
Eastern Football Association president Kieron Edwards -

THE Trinidad and Tobago Football Association’s (TTFA) membership postponed the approval of the audited financial statements presented by the normalisation committee at Wednesday’s annual general meeting (AGM).

The two parties will hold discussions over the next two weeks to address the concerns raised by the membership, and will meet again on October 8 for another vote to have the audited statements approved.

At the Home of Football in Balmain, Couva, 17 members of the 20 members present voted to postpone the statements’ approval while three members abstained. The 11 remaining members were absent.

However, Eastern Football Association (EFA) president Kieron Edwards said he is confident the membership and normalisation committee will reach common ground within the allotted time and the statements should be approved in 17 days.

“The AGM went smooth. Most things were passed. The auditor’s statements were postponed for 17 days, in which we will have discussions with the normalisation committee and then attempt to pass it on the day.”

He said concerns were raised, answers were given, “and the 17 days gives us time to ventilate those concerns and clear the air. We will then vote to see if there are still amendments to be made or if we will go with it (financial statements) as is.

“But with the discussion we had at the AGM on the matter, I feel very strongly that it will be approved at the next meeting.”

Once the statements are approved, FIFA will release its subvention to the TTFA so it will have funds to operate.

Edwards was happy to see a good turnout of TTFA members who took this opportunity to voice their thoughts on the past, present and future of TT football.

“I was pleased with the level of input by the membership in the raising of various points. This would have been one of the first AGMs I have seen where the membership was very vocal. It augurs well for the TTFA to hold those in charge accountable for their actions.”

Edwards said all other matters on the AGM agenda were “business as usual.”

Another TTFA member, who wished to remain unidentified, said he hopes after deliberations, the audited financial accounts are indeed approved.

“It is a tough situation for the TTFA right now with the looming debt, but I’m hoping the money coming in after the approval can help us clear up some of that,” he said.

On Tuesday, normalisation committee chairman Robert Hadad confirmed that all debts incurred by the TTFA under its watch, since the committee was appointed in March 2020, were being paid in a timely manner and that work was being done to clear its debts.

He said loans and borrowings actually declined under the normalisation committee.

Hadad was responding to a letter from Edwards in September 2021, which accused the committee of increasing the TTFA’s financial deficit, when it was installed by FIFA to do the opposite.


"Members postpone approval of audited statements at TTFA AGM"

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