Helpful technique for moving announcements

THE EDITOR: I was interested to hear, early on Wednesday morning, a loudspeaker announcement from a vehicle driving around our neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the announcement was made quickly and only by piecing together were neighbours able to glean that there’ll be fogging in the area on Thursday.

For future notices, here’s a broadcasting technique that will be helpful both to the announcers and the audience: 1. Say you’re going to say something. 2. Say it. 3. Say you have said it. Eg: 1. Good morning residents, we’ll be spraying in the area tomorrow. 2. From 5 am on Thursday 22, the Insect Vector Division will be carrying out spraying in this neighbourhood. 3. That’s a fogging exercise tomorrow from 5 am.

You’ll be aware of this technique from broadcast and print news where you have a headline/highlight, story, then wrap-up/credit.




"Helpful technique for moving announcements"

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