Allied Security assisting with funeral arrangements

MURDERED: Allied Security guard Jerry Stuart. -
MURDERED: Allied Security guard Jerry Stuart. -

OFFICIALS from Allied Security Services say the company is assisting relatives of employees Jeffery Peters and Jerry Stuart, with funeral arrangements.

The two were killed during a robbery attempt shortly after they and another guard, Peola Baptiste, left the Pennywise Plaza in La Romaine on Monday to drop of the day's earnings at the bank.

Four bandits were later killed by police during a shootout at a house. Baptiste, who was also shot, remained warded in critical condition at hospital up to press time.

The company said in a release on Thursday, that it stands in solidarity with the families, friends and co-workers of Peters and Stuart, and and all other people affected by the incident, as they continue to cope with the aftermath of the fatal attempted robbery.

MURDERED: Allied Security Services guard Jeffery Peters -

“As we mourn the loss of our friends and colleagues, our primary focus is on assisting with funeral arrangements, immediate short-term needs and a multi year assistance package,” the Allied Security release said.

“The relevant departments have already begun expediting financial support and benefits to families.”

The company said it will also offer care and counselling to members and staff affected by the incident.

Police said Peters, Stuart and Baptiste exited Pennywise Plaza in La Romaine in an unmarked van at about

5 pm on Monday. When they turned on to La Bel Air Road, a white car pulled in front of the van and bandits got out and sprayed it with bullets.

The bandits then took cash bags out of the van and sped off. A report was made and police soon went in hot pursuit of the bandits who later abandoned the car, got into another vehicle and made their way to the house where they were met by police and were killed in a shootout.

The dead bandits were identified as Deaundre Montrose, Greg Dodough and brothers Kyle and Keyon Ramdhan.


"Allied Security assisting with funeral arrangements"

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