UWI's clock decoration

Image source: facebook.com/UWISTA
Image source: facebook.com/UWISTA

THE EDITOR: For half a century or more UWI has been flaunting an elegant clock on the Humanities Building which overlooks the campus plaza, but unknown to the rest of TT it is purely decorative.

When originally installed, the clock dial was mounted for everyone to see, but the clock controller is out of reach for easy servicing.

Since August 2016, I quoted $3,915 to fix the problem, but the powers that be would not approve the expenditure by the facilities manager, opting instead to maintain the useless clock decoration.

I sought a meeting with new campus principal Prof Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, solely to plead for the $3,915 approval to the facilities manager. As the principal's programme is a busy one, the appointment date granted was a fortnight ahead, for which I was deeply appreciative, but the day before the appointment the secretary regrettably advised of Antoine's unavailability, without offering an alternative date.

In effect, the white elephant for 50 years was not deemed a big problem for UWI's administration. Some Trinis, however, would see this as Third World, which I am keen to change. All public clocks should carry the correct time.

The Arima Dial, Trinity Cathedral, St Mary's College, Fatima, Bishop Anstey, St Joseph and Holy Name Convents all carry correct time. Why not UWI?




"UWI’s clock decoration"

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