Robin Hood politics cannot work here

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine. Photo by David Reid

THE EDITOR: Let us not fool ourselves that the 14-1 victory of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) in Tobago had nothing to do with the promised $10,000 each for the youth in Tobago. The image of the PDP as the answer to all political sores is torn to tatters in Tobago because of infighting. We need to move on.

Political image remains everything, more than ever. The PDP never had that kind of money. Let the analysts help THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine sort himself out. The THA will not roll over and die.

Importantly, also remember that only 57 per cent of the 60,000 Tobagonians voted the PDP into power. Will there be three political parties in Tobago?

But what about the 1.4 citizens in Trinidad? It remains indelibly clear that what happens in Tobago cannot happen over here. Trinis will need to see upfront money from the Trinidad branch of the PDP. Plus, of course, it will always need a coalition of parties to upstage any People’s National Movement (PNM) government which is cleverly designed to reinvent itself.

The United National Congress (UNC) has 300,000 voters. It has to be the lead party in any successful coalition. A member must be the leader/prime minister. End of story. No argument, please.

But how much more difficult is it to remove the PNM in 2025 than it was in the past? Trinidad cannot be ruled with Robin Hood politics. Take from the rich conglomerates that employ far more workers than any of the trade union movements? Destroy burgeoning entrepreneurs from achieving their goals? Chase away investors?

I will repeat again. The PNM is looking good on the world stage. The PNM is following every single lead to gain prominence and relevance out there in foreign and succeeding on several levels.

Only a misdirected opposition could view these politically fruitful meetings as an expensive mamaguy.

Who is attempting to mamaguy whom?

At this point in time fixing the potholes and landslides, burning tyres and garbage will not be enough. We are crumbling under climate change.

Politics must be more concrete than attempting to widen a whole river every year to prove very expensive political love.

Can any individual, any political party, promise money for your vote? Money from where?


Diego Martin


"Robin Hood politics cannot work here"

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