PNM Tobago leader: PDP-led THA unfit to govern Tobago

PNM political leader Ancil Dennis  -
PNM political leader Ancil Dennis -

ANCIL Dennis, political leader of the PNM Tobago Council says a Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP)-led Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is unfit to govern Tobago.

In a media report on Monday night, Dennis commented on PDP leader Watson Duke's replacement as THA deputy chief secretary by assemblyman and former PDP deputy leader Faith BYisrael.

Dennis said, “There was no way for the executive council to go on without a deputy chief secretary.

"As far as I am concerned, all the cards are the same. No matter who they put as deputy chief secretary, no matter who they put in as chief secretary, all of them are totally unfit and unprepared to government already this island.

Dennis said the PNM's Tobago arm had told the public for years that Duke was unfit for office but BYisrael and then deputy PDP leader, now Chief Secretary Farley Augustine had supported Duke in his efforts to form part of the government in Tobago.

"They finally agree with the PNM that Watson Duke is unfit for office... That Watson Duke, a man on several charges, a man who has a dubious track record as a leader in this country, has no place in the governance of Tobago.

"They supported him, they shielded him, they rode his back all the way into seats of power on this island and now they are attempting to distance themselves from the monster that they supported and created in Tobago.


"PNM Tobago leader: PDP-led THA unfit to govern Tobago"

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