'Learning assessment' to replace national test, NCSE

Ministry of Education St Vincent Street
Ministry of Education St Vincent Street

THE Education Ministry has said a national "learning assessment" will replace NCSE (National Certificate of Secondary Education) and the national test for form three and standard one students.

In a press release it said it reviewed the format of national assessments after collecting data from students "for some time...as one method of determining the effectiveness of the education system as indicated by the levels of student literacy and numeracy."

The new format is being called the TT National Learning Assessment (TTNLA).

The release said it will be based on existing curriculum guides in maths and English only, and will be administered to a "random, representative sample of schools and students during term three of each academic year."

It said not all students in form three and standard one will be tested, and not all schools will be selected for testing in any one academic year.

It also explained: "Individual results will not be issued to students or schools – TTNLA results will be used by the Ministry of Education in overall performance analysis."

No continuous assessment scores will be required, and in addition to the exam, surveys will be given to parents, teachers and students "to allow the results of the examination to be contextually analysed.

"This will better inform the recommendations for systemic improvement aimed at increasing student performance and equity of educational opportunity."

Principals will be given the results each August, "allowing for analysis towards requisite adjustments in their schools’ operations and practices in the upcoming academic year.

"Schools will be informed through the Office of the chief education officer of their selection for the TTNLA, at which time further details will be provided for the efficient administration of the assessment."


"‘Learning assessment’ to replace national test, NCSE"

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