I'd like some water, please


THE EDITOR: For the past four months, upper North Post Road, Diego Martin, has not received a consistent water supply. I’ve been requesting truck-borne water from WASA since then and every time I call I get a reference number. I now have about eight numbers. I have had water once only, and only because I saw a truck on the hill and begged for some water.

I am not sure how WASA expects people to survive without water. Having no water has been running up my living expenses and I’m already on a very tight budget.

I need water to wash my clothes. I have been wasting money washing at a laundromat when I have a perfectly functional washing machine at home.

I need water to cook. I have been wasting money buying food when I have a functioning stove and ingredients in my cupboard.

I have a child in school. I cannot send her to school if she cannot bathe, I cannot send her to school if she has no clean underwear, I cannot send her to school with no lunch, and if I keep her home, who is that benefitting?

I need water. I have been literally begging for water for four months. How is it right that this is how people have to live in 2022? I can’t even make a simple request and have it fulfilled. I cannot afford to bribe anyone, I really can’t, and I shouldn’t have to.

Upper North Post Road has had water three times within the past four months. How is anyone supposed to survive?

When the supply was disrupted for the people in the “prestigious” areas, it was restored in days. I’ve met people who told me that for all their time living in those areas they never needed a tank because they have a constant supply, yet I cannot even get a truck to bring me some water. I need water.

I have tried all avenues, this is my last resort, short of going to WASA’s head office in my dirty clothes and underwear. I’ve tried Facebook comments, Instagram messages, tweets to the MP and WASA’s official page, I’ve called the MP’s office. I’ve gotten a contact for someone in WASA and tried contacting them. I’ve been visiting the pump station almost every day. I have no idea what I am expected to do again.

Every morning I drive through gallons of wasted water in the streets, but WASA cannot be bothered to put some water in my tanks. How is this fair?


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"I'd like some water, please"

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