Think before you drink

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the children of TT.

Never have alcohol until you are of legal age. No good has ever come from a group of teenagers consuming alcohol. It is a recipe for disaster.

If you choose to drink you will be breaking the law of TT and the rules of many homes.

Never follow-up a bad choice with one that is worse because you are afraid of disappointing your parents or making them angry.

Many people will say parents are unreasonable and unrealistic. They will say you are young and it is a rite of passage to get drunk. They may even regale you with tales of their youthful mistakes.

Listen to your heart, trust your gut. Do not be wrong and strong. There is no fun waking up in your own vomit or hugging up a toilet bowl saying “never again.”

Let it not be said youth is wasted on the young. Life is not running away. Everything in its time and place.

One day you will become a parent. You will appreciate all your parents did was in your best interest.

They are your parents, guardians, people who care for you immensely.


Princes Town


"Think before you drink"

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