Leaders, heed your own advice

President Paula-Mae Weekes - ANGELO_MARCELLE
President Paula-Mae Weekes - ANGELO_MARCELLE

THE EDITOR: Sometimes, some people really need to learn when to just be quiet.

Our leaders' behaviour has been questionable for years now.

With all the anger, disrespect, hatred and divisiveness in our nation, many still believe they can hide behind or feed this to some in the public domain. Just to gain what?

I don't see President Paula-Mae Weekes in rants and raves and bacchanal-like behaviour or behaving like a child.

As a matter of fact, all our leaders have questions to answer about various processes and things they may or may not have done while in office.

While others try to build up, many try to break down and be disrespectful.

If we tell our leaders we deserve better from them, to be better exemplars, especially in these trying times, we are condemned.

The President says it and there is still a problem and disrespect. The President is not the one out of touch.

And I am sure they found this funny and believed they scored points, while our country has people snapping at each other left, right and centre for every little thing.

Unbelievable that anyone could defend these types of behaviours as representation for the benefit of the people. Which people?

While when in power you do the same.

So, as someone who deals with social reform issues by addressing root causes (and suffer for it too) and who has no affiliation with any political party or advocate groups, please understand the consequences of your words and actions in these times.

Also remember that we chose a democracy. As such our leaders must to be held accountable at all times and we are entitled to demand same too. Maybe many missed that part.

How in heaven's name do our leaders want everyone to be on better behaviour – except them?

This is a joke.

Go for it trolls. Trust me, go for it.


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"Leaders, heed your own advice"

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